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Represent Vol. 3 Purpose: Language.

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

THINKARTWORKTT Studio is pleased to announce the launch of REPRESENT Vol.3: Purpose.

Exhibition Dates:- 22nd September - 9th October 2020

This exhibition is both a physical and a virtual display! Therefore we invite you to join us via our Instagram @fitzroyhoyte and Facebook Thinkartworktt Studio platforms for the launch on the 22nd September at 5 pm.

We also take the time to also formally launch our ongoing Featured Artist Segment whereby we allow you to gain more insight into our local creatives, their viewpoints, mediums, and processes.

“Creative art forms serve as a meaningful extension of self-expression, collective memories, and shared emotions. Through purpose-driven forms, mediums, and stylistic cues our visions are manifested. This is how we REPRESENT!”

This collaborative show features the artwork of a plethora of local creatives: Bunty O'connor Sundiata Jackie Hinkson Kevin Adonis Browne Michael Phillips Anika Plowden-Corentin Esther Sunrise Marcano Frances White Hubert Jones Babatunde Jones Kristel Lake Joy Luk Pat - Artist Kavir Mootoo Kevin McMayo Kerron John Lindon Mitchel Monica S Ramdial Patrice Matthews Sonia Callender Shannon Hutchinson Safiya Hoyte Simone Jacelon Sharmila Maria Narwani Tremayne Felder and much more...

Please be advised that in accordance with COVID Protocol physical viewing of this exhibition will be facilitated by appointment only. To schedule an appointment please contact us via Email: Phone: 18687691948


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