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Joy Luk Pat is known for her modern, abstract, 3D & colourful expressions. Her use of various textures adds depth as an added dimension to her work.  “I want people to feel like they can reach out and touch it – to connect to the art that they can feel the emotions with the messages being communicated.”

After starting her art education at St Joseph’s Convent Port of Spain in Trinidad, Joy chose to develop her career in Marketing and was able to explore various aspects of art through Graphic Design, Advertising, Product Branding and Event Décor. These concepts and life experiences are fused together and culminated into her tangible designs. “Developing art feels like an intense and powerful gust of wind blowing through me, urging me to release my innermost thoughts and passions until my creations are completed.”

Joy Luk Pat is the recipient of the Award for the Best Emerging Artist from The Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago in the Members' Group Exhibition “Traditions” in May 2016. She has also received the Award of Excellence for Mixed Media from The Women in Art Organization of Trinidad & Tobago in their Annual Exhibition “Radiance” in November 2021.

See The Beauty Around Us

See The Beauty Around Us

🎨 📸 A look at our ART in the "See The Beauty Around Us - Caring for Our Environment" Exhibition in The Rotunda Gallery TT . The exhibition focused on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations to raise awareness of these issues of “Life below water and “Life on land” This exhibition was important to us as we believe that we must work together to protect our natural resources. Our work showcases the beauty that Trinidad & Tobago has to offer. 🎨 Joy Luk Pat - Artist 🌱 ‘Through the Trails’ 2020 – Mixed Media/ Painting ‘🌱 'A Safe Place’ 2020 – Mixed Media/ Painting 📸 Damian Luk Pat 🌸 ‘Nature’s Confetti’ 2015 – Photography 🌸 ‘Looking Up’ 2015 – Photography 🖋 You can book an appointment at The Rotunda Gallery at 701-6133 Monday - Friday 9am-3pm (except public holidays) – The last day for viewing will be on Thursday 22nd April 2021 📲 Please contact us if you are interested in the art - it is currently available for sale. . . . 🎶 Music: Green Leaves Musician: music by License: . . . #trinidadandtobago #husbandandwifeteam #theartistandthephotographer #entrepreneurlife #naturesbeauty🍃 #beautyinart #artistonig #artists #art #artexhibition #artgallery #artshowcase #visualartists #sustainabledevelopmentgoals #savetheenvironment #savetheplanet🌍#supportlocalart #supportlocal #greenleaves #throughthetrails #asafeplace #poui #naturesconfetti #lookingup #artlovers #peacefulart #homedecor #zengarden #peaceinart