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Joy Luk Pat is a visual artist known for her captivating artwork that exudes positivity and celebration, prominently featuring her distinctive application of metallic paints. Seamlessly blending bold concepts with personal life experiences, her artistic vision takes shape in vibrant mixed media compositions that exude a refreshing sense of optimism. “I want people to feel like they can reach out and touch it – to connect to it, and to feel the emotions communicated.”


In her debut exhibition in 2016, Joy Luk Pat won the title of Best Emerging Artist from The Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago, marking a remarkable start to her artistic journey. The year 2021 saw her talents acknowledged once again as she was bestowed with the Excellence for Mixed Media Award by The Women In Art Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (WIAOTT), a testament to her mastery in the realm of mixed media creations. Furthermore, in 2019, her masterpiece "Passion," inspired by the steelpan, was handpicked as a symbolic gift for the Chinese Delegation on behalf of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.


In addition to her artistic skill, Joy Luk Pat enjoys a career as a Marketing and Business Development Consultant, holding a Master in Business Administration from the esteemed Edinburgh School of Business (Heriot-Watt MBA). With over eighteen years of professional experience under her belt, she has consistently delivered impactful results by devising and executing comprehensive Marketing and Sales strategies for over 120+ diverse brands. Whether in the realm of visual arts or the domain of marketing, Joy thrives when she creates something new and unique.

Joy Luk Pat: How You Move Past the Fear When Change Calls | AI EP2

Joy Luk Pat: How You Move Past the Fear When Change Calls | AI EP2

If you enjoy learning from the personal journeys of those who've beat the odds to move from "surviving to thriving," tune into our incredible conversation with popular visual artist and business consultant, Joy Luk Pat, as she talks about the risk she took to become her own boss and embark on her self-love journey. WHY AI: "In today's mainstream television landscape, many viewers often find themselves left with feelings of exploitation, depression, and anxiety. In these challenging times, people are yearning for a deeper understanding, genuine knowledge, and an authentic connection with themselves. Ann-Marie's Impact (AI) aims to cater to the needs of truth seekers by providing them with the knowledge, support, and inspiration they seek. Our mission is to cultivate an environment where individuals can experience enlightenment and empowerment, enabling them to transition from any state of stagnation to a more fulfilling inner landscape." Ann-Marie Emmanuel, Host. Follow Joy Luk Pat: Instagram: Facebook: FOLLOW: Instagram: Facebook: Website: CHAT WITH THE HOST: BUY THE BOOK: ABOUT US: Ann-Marie's Impact (AI) is a monthly web show for those at a "crisis point" or crossroads and ready to elevate and dominate personally and professionally through the power of self-love. We will curate unapologetic conversations and on-the-spot discovery sessions with real people who have already journeyed their "dark night of the soul" to shift from sacrifice, self-sabotage, and self-neglect to self-love, self-appreciation, and life fulfillment. Ann-Marie's Impact is a safe and soft place to hear our own stories reflected in the lives of others and know that we have all we need within us. SPONSOR: Keith Mitchell
Art Snack with Joy Luk Pat - Visual Artist from Trinidad and Tobago

Art Snack with Joy Luk Pat - Visual Artist from Trinidad and Tobago

Subscribe for more ⧐ Joy Luk Pat is known for her artwork that radiates positivity and celebration, featuring the artist’s stunning signature use of metallics. Bold concepts and life experiences are fused together and culminated into tangible and freshly positive mixed media designs. IG/ FACEBOOK@joylukpat WEBSITE: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign up for my online course!!! Succeeding as a Fine Artist: Guidance, Tips, and Strategies Join me online for this Self Paced Art Business course designed to help you step ahead in selling your art to potential art collectors. CLICK THE LINK --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jennylynd James is a “Renaissance” woman: an artist, writer, and Classical music singer with a long work history as a food scientist! Jennylynd earned a Ph.D. in Food Science at McGill University, working in industry for companies in the United States, Ireland, Canada and the Caribbean. Her series of travel memoirs recount her many adventures in relocation. Jennylynd James discovered a hidden talent for drawing and painting while working as an entrepreneur in the Republic of Ireland. Her artsy flair in running a food business took an interesting turn when in an amateur art class the instructor found Jennylynd excelled in portraiture and sketching. She uses the vivid colours of her heritage to influence her work. Jennylynd has embraced self expression in art as a new lifestyle. Her artwork is held in collections in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and the United Kingdom. 🎨 Buy Original Art from the Artist 🖼️Purchase Prints for your Home, Business or Office! 📚Books available now (Paperback and Kindle): ⬇️See More of my Art, Events & Current Updates here ⬇️ 📧Business: 📲Connect With Me!
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