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In Celebration of Colour

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Smile Inn Culture is a dynamic creative initiative whose primary objective is to showcase the beauty, talent and deep-seeded authenticity of the Trinbagonian art scene to the general public. This social wellness and awareness project, founded by Cosmetic, General and Family Dentist Dr. Shenilee Hazel in 2021l, is a non-profit collaboration which seeks to connect prospective art buyers, through Smile Inn Dental Clinic's clientele and other keen art enthusiasts, to both well known and upcoming artists.

Two exhibitions have been held thus far, the first being a tribute to the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival called Toute Bagai: A Carnival Exhibition, and the second called Connections: The Art of Self Care, with a focus on mental and emotional well being. The final instalment for 2021 is In Celebration of Colour. In this exhibition we focus on how the artist uses colour as a means to express ideas, emotions, movement, mood and much more. 2021 has been another challenging year for many and we wanted to end the year on a celebratory high note. What better way to do this than harnessing the power of color? The exhibitions are curated by Art Director, Artist and Curator, Nadya Shah.

'The power of color is inescapable. Color affects your behavior, moods, and thoughts. Your reactions to colors are often deeply personal and rooted in your own experiences. A certain color has the ability to soothe your frazzled nerves, agitate a hostile adversary, motivate and empower you to take action, and also to bring healing energy when you need it.'

This non profit exhibition will donate 30% of all art sold to purchase art supplies for the Children's' Homes and Orphanages in Trinidad and Tobago. 70% of sales will go directly to the artists. Artists who are exhibiting will also be encouraged to donate time to provide virtual or in person art lessons for children of different age groups in the orphanages, if they so desire.


The exhibition will be open to the public by appointment (free entry) from November 2nd to December 11th.


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