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ARC (Art Relief Charity) Exhibition

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

A.R.C. Artists Relief Charity was created in 2018 to raise money for persons who were affected by floods of that year. In 2020, we are facing much more difficult times with the COVID-19 Pandemic. Artists of Trinidad and Tobago need your support as many of them solely depend on their artwork as their only source of income. No payslips or job letters to request grants.

Our artists need your support. This exhibition will showcase the works of our artists with a view of getting some income going again in this sector. It is a great opportunity for buyers to purchase art while supporting our creatives. Businesses purchasing art from this exhibition are eligible for the 100% Tax Incentive .

The ASTT observes Public Health Guidelines.

All visitors to the ASTT Gallery must be wearing a mask

All visitors are required to wash their hands prior to entry into the gallery.

All visitors must sign-in and provide contact information.

Visitors wishing to view exhibitions privately, are encouraged to make an appointment by emailing us a request. Appointments are available between 12noon-4pm. Tuesday-Saturdays

Support our arts.

All inquiries can be made via email to


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