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🔴 Carnival is Tradition

🔴 Carnival is Tradition

Date: 2023

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas

Artwork Size: 4 panels (12"H X 4"W each)

Medium: Mixed Media on Canvas



‘Carnival is Tradition’ celebrates 4 popular “ole mas” characters that make their presence felt during the Carnival festivities of T&T.


·      Midnight Robber- This character is based on the American Wild West, inclusive of an oversize cowboy hat with fringed brim, cape and a prop gun.


·      Dame Lorraine – This character appears as a female dressed with exaggerated 'assets' in the style of a rich planter’s wife from the 18th and early 19th Century.


·      Blue Devil – “The Devil' was traditionally brown from molasses but since Paramin didn’t have cane, our forefathers got creative with a laundry whitener called Crown Blue.


·      Pierrot Grenade - This colourful character is the satirical descendant of the Pierrot – a finely dressed masquerader and deeply learned scholar.


Original Artwork SOLD

Limited Prints Available

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