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Wealth & Happiness

Updated: Feb 11, 2023


Local multi-award-winning mixed media artist Joy Luk Pat will launch her first-ever solo

exhibition this month. Intriguingly entitled ‘Wealth and Happiness,’ the exhibit opens on June

21 st, at the Arnim’s Art Galleria on #27 Tragarete Road, Port of Spain. The exhibition will be

launched at 6:00 PM on the 21 st and will run until July 1 st, 2022.  Patrons can expect a collection that radiates positivity and celebration, featuring the artist’s stunning signature use of metallics. 

Luk Pat was awarded Best Emerging Artist from The Art Society of Trinidad & Tobago in her first time exhibiting in 2016. In 2021, she won the Excellence for Mixed Media Award from The Women In Art Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (WIAOTT).

“Joy Luk Pat consistently explores mixed media to reveal compositions that are as playful as

they are complex,” says Michelle Tappin-Davis, WIAOTT President. 

Additionally, in 2019, her steel-pan-inspired painting, Passion, was selected as a gift to the

Chinese Delegation on behalf of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

Rather than rehearse concerns and common misconceptions about wealth and happiness, the artwork in the show offers a freshly positive perspective. “The show celebrates the wealth we already have around us and inside us,” Luk Pat says. From the wealth of our natural paradise to our varied cultural riches, which include Trinidadian Chinese culture, her paintings reflect this with bold vibrancy. 

Luk Pat is a proud full-time artist and sees this milestone first solo show as an opportunity to

honour all those who have supported her.  The showing will commence on June 21st at 6:00

PM and will run through July 1st at Arnim’s Art Galleria in POS.

Artist Statement:

Joy Luk Pat’s bold vibrant paintings offer a fresh, positive perspective on the theme of “Wealth & Happiness.” The artwork in the show celebrates the abundance we already have around us and within us. Good vibes radiate from the paintings which range from the flora and fauna of our natural paradise to our melting pot of cultural riches that include her Trinidadian Chinese ancestry. With dynamic mixed media, she creates a play of textures that invite us to look deeply into our souls to discover radiance, beauty, joy – the magnificence within. Through her signature use of metallics, her art shines a light of appreciation on quality of life, proving that simultaneous wealth and happiness are not only possible but present.

Join us this SATURDAY JUNE 25TH at 2 PM at Arnim's Art Galleria, Port of Spain.

This artist talk with will be structured in Q&A format and moderated by Dr. Danielle Elliott (Danielle Debonair) - Educator and Visual and Performing Artist)

The exhibition will run until 1st July 2022 | 2pm GALLERY HOURS: Weekdays: 9am - 6pm | Saturdays: 9am - 4pm | Closing Day : 9am - 2pm

Visit the Facebook Event link for more information:

Wealth & Happiness Art Calalogue:


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